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‘The Hungry Fire’ is getting closer!

‘The Hungry Fire’ is the debut novel by AM Obst, and will be released in early 2021.

Over twenty years ago, the town of Naerun was almost wiped off the map by Urzed and his bloodthirsty followers. Two local sorcerers saved the town, but they died in the process, leaving their orphaned children to grow up overshadowed by their legacy.

Now elected town leader, Betharad plans to bring greater prosperity to its people. Her restless younger sister Jessa needs a focus for her fierce loyalty, while their brother Sarnd wishes he had the courage to follow his dreams.

But they discover their parents’ enemy wasn’t defeated after all. Disfigured, ruthless and probably insane, Urzed has revenge on his mind.

As the siblings look for clues on how to save the town once more, dark secrets are revealed, causing them to question everything they thought they knew. They learn their whole world could be at risk, but with no magical abilities of their own, they soon become overwhelmed.

Help from a group of strangers seems the answer to their hopes and prayers – but what price will they have to pay?