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Experienced editor and proofreader available

I love working with independent authors, and those wanting to give their manuscripts the best chance when querying.

I know what it’s like to have a limited budget and will work with you to tailor a service that suits your needs.

I can offer:

  • Developmental editing – this ‘high-level’ edit examines aspects of your story such as structure, character development, plot and pacing. This feedback is more detailed than you would get from a beta reader, and can be useful when you’ve worked on several drafts and want ‘another set of eyes’ to help identify where it can be improved.


  • Copy editing – this is more detailed feedback looking at grammar, punctuation, tone, word choice and consistency. Suitable for writers who are already happy with the overall structure of their story and characters, and are looking for further refinement.


  • Proofreading – the most granular level, checking line by line to pick up those annoying and elusive typos, spelling errors and formatting issues. Generally the final check to make sure your manuscript makes the best first impression it can.


Client Testimonial:

“His suggestions were always thoughtful.  His email communications were timely and pleasant. The cost was very reasonable and absolutely worth every penny.  If you are in need of similar services, I could not endorse anyone more highly.” – Forrest G, published author


Human Resources

With over 20 years of working in various roles the Human Resources sector, I also offer freelance copy editing and proofreading of corporate HR documents such as policies, procedures, training materials and staff communications, as well as assistance with resume preparation.


Want to know more? Contact me for more information at editing@amobst.com or visit my profile on Fiverr!